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Michaël Boudoux

Relics & historic colours


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Historical Colors

All the most beautiful shades and colors from the famous companies available for your guitar

Nitro-cellulose aged varnish

varnishing with a Nitro-cellulose specially manufactured in the workshop for a realistic and unique vintage effect

50's / 60's Burst & Goldtop

Give back to your LP its authenticity with the historical burst

Natural Ageing

Authentic relic process finish in a purely artisanal way



Some musicians are often envious of possessing beautiful and rare objects, old instruments, extraordinary pieces, from a golden age.

Me, Michael Boudoux, musician since 30 years, crazy and real passionate about old guitars, I've created in 2010 the Relic'Art Guitars workshop for those who want to give their instrument the charm and splendour of the great historical guitars of the time.

Ayant moi-même la chance de posséder quelques pièces de collection, j'ai eu tout le loisir de me plonger dans les finitions propres à chaque marque.

Having myself the chance to own some collector's items, I had the opportunity to immerse myself in the finishes specific to each model

The Relic'Art Guitars workshop is not a luthier's workshop but an alchemist's laboratory to breathe new life into your instrument and make it a unique object.


With the same products, techniques and little secrets of the time, your guitar will regain its charm that will seduce you for many years.

Let's share our passion for vintage together !

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