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Without shipping back

- Preparation of body and neck for painting

- New nitro varnish refinishing (body and neck)

- Relic Process (Body, Neck and hardware)

Working time : around 5 months (variable depending on my schedule)



Without shipping back

- Preparation (if necessary) of the body or neck for painting

- New nitro varnish refinishing

- Relic Process (hardware included if provided)

Working time : variable depending on my schedule


The colour

- Whatever the color requested (including over finish)

The relic spirit

- Whatever ageing you wish, from soft to hard (examples below)

Examples of ageing styles

Capture d’écran 2020-04-22 à 10.59.15.


Capture d’écran 2020-04-22 à 11.07.29.


Capture d’écran 2020-04-22 à 09.32.16.



I don't offer makeover without relic finish or VOS or
ageing on colours already applied



"Freestyle" Package


This package is ideal for the more indecisive or rocky among you.

You want an old instrument but you have no ideas?

You like surprises and you prefer to leave me free hands on the best choice for your guitar?

This "Freestyle" package is made for you !

For a more affordable price, I decide everything:

-You let me choose the color myself

-You also let me choose the relic style, soft / medium / heavy, I decide myself

- To keep a maximum of mystery and surprise, you will have no pictures of the progress of the work.

-You would only discover the result once the instrument was back home!

Price of the"Freestyle" package



Without shipping back

- Stripping if necessary of body and neck


- New nitro varnish refinishing (body and neck)

- Relic Process (Body, Neck and hardware)

Working time : around 5 months (variable depending on my schedule)

  ATTENTION: This package is not available for bodies or necks only. 


After contact, we take the time together to define your needs and desires (new colour, ageing style, parts to be found or replaced if necessary etc...)

An estimate is then proposed on the basis of the information provided by the owner of the instrument.

When the estimate is validated, I start looking for the requested elements and wait for the arrival of the instrument to age.


I regularly send photos by email at each important step of the work (new colour, relic process and finally the finished guitar) so that the owner can follow in real time and intervene on the progress of the transformation.


When the finished instrument is validated by the owner and once payment has been made, it will be packed and shipped within a few days.

The tracking number will be sent as soon as the instrument is sent.


- I work in a traditional way, so I don't have the ability to make a perfect copy from an existing photo or model, I always work "in the spirit" but never "the same thing", so each guitar leaving my workshop is unique in its finish.

I do not propose relic process directly on varnishes already applied, nitro or polyurethane, because this technique does not allow a realistic and credible result.


- For refin and relic process on your instrument no deposit is required (your own instrument is used as a guarantee)


My workshop is based in the Roanne region (42 - France), so your instrument may need to be shipped.

The shipping costs for the return trip are the responsibility of the owner.


Each instrument can be shipped anywhere in the world.

I send all instruments via private carriers (UPS, Fedex, TNT etc....)

The return shipment is systematically accompanied by an insurance up to 2000€ for a complete instrument and 1000€ for only body or only neck.

BE CAREFUL : to activate the insurance, it is imperative to open the package WITH the carrier upon receipt of your instrument to check for any damage. If this is the case, the insurance is cancelled if this verification is not respected.


I strongly recommend that the owner of the instrument protect it well when sending it because it will be sent back with the same boxes and protections.

I am not responsible for the loss, theft or breakage of your instrument (never happened before so PROTECT YOUR INSTRUMENT).

You can pick up your instrument at my workshop if you speak French, weekdays only, coffee is waiting for you :-)  



I am not a luthier and not guitarist, I don't have the knowledge to be able to propose a setting of the instrument as advanced, fine and precise as a professional can do.

My speciality is only varnishing and relic process, I just propose a basic adjustment for each guitar or bass leaving my workshop but a more advanced adjustment will be necessary anyway with your usual luthier (especially with the risks of transport

The same goes for the rewiring of the pickups, I have no knowledge in this field, so I will leave it to you to have them rewired by a professional.


I only accept bank transfer methods (i don't have a Paypal account)

I no longer accept payments in 2 times , the full payment will be made only at the end of the work.

no advance is required for refin and aging process on your guitar.


Relic'Art Guitares will have to sell the instrument if it is not paid after 2 months from receipt of the invoice.

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