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The original Les Paul model was designed by Gibson in response to the growing popularity of the Fender Telecaster.


Upon its introduction, the new model sported a pair of single-coil P-90 pickups, a clumsy trapeze tailpiece, and a Mahogany slab body with a curved Maple top.


Les Paul himself endorsed a solid gold finish to make the guitar appear high-end and luxurious.


Bronze Powder

For Goldtop finishes, Gibson uses the gilding technique known since antiquity to enhance works of art, cults or precious objects by covering them with gold.
To do this, bronze powder is used for its covering and richly decorative power.

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I'm replicating the same process as in the 1950s.

I use the same bronze powder that will oxidize with time under the effect of perspiration, thus reproducing the true aging of the vintage Godltop.

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