These colours were very famous and were used by car manufacturers in the 1950s and 1960s.

Fender obtained the agreement of these manufacturers to use the names of these colours in order to broaden the range of colours available in the catalogue because there were many shades to choose since these colours were a selling point.

Automotive paints were well suited to an industrial environment, easy to apply and with quick drying, they were easy to obtain.

Here are some examples (not exhaustive) of "Custom Colours" available in nitrocellulose for your instrument !

Fiesta Red 1958
Hot Rod Red 1961
Dakota Red 1958
Daphné Blue 1958
Sonic Blue 1956
Surf Green 1957
Seafoam Green 1959
Shell Pink 1958
Vintage White 1958
Candy Apple Red 1960
Sparkle Red 1961
Sherwood Green 1963
Shoreline Gold 1958
Olympic White 1958
Jet Black 1958
Burgundy Mist 1959
Capri Orange 1960
Butterscotch 1952
Blonde 1952
White Blonde 1955
Lake Placid Blue 1958
Inca Silver 1960
Candy Tangerine 1960
Reranch Coral 1961
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